Monday, April 13, 2009

New Reveal At NY : 2009 Mitsubishi Outlander GT Concept

At the New York Auto Show, Mitsubishi just unveiled their next generation Outlander, in this GT Concept form. Mitubishi claim that the new Outlander will look and drive as this concept. So consider this as an early look to the next generation Outlander.
The overall sheet metal of the Outlander is the same. However, the all-new front fascia is inspired by the hard-core Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X. The headlights, the rectangular grille, and the hood are all nearly identical to the Evo X. The Outlander GT Concept also gets a sharper-edged roof that adds more sportiness to it. Inside, the Evo X inspiration is transferred into the interior as well. The dashborad layout, steering wheel, instrument gauges, and paddle-shifters are all from a new Evo X.
The Outlander GT Concept is also equipped with Evo X rally technology. The main mechanical feature in the Outlander, is super all wheel control (S-AWC) drive system. This system offers better handling, traction and stability. S-AWC can also prevent wheel slip between front to rear and side-to-side to enhance tire grip. For the driver it means better traction on different weather and terrain conditions. So we anticipate it would handle with the characteristics as an Evo X.
The engine in the Outlander GT Concept is very-production like. It's not some ethical green machine, or ridiculously powerful engine; it's only a 3.0L SOHC MIVEC V6 that develops 230 hp, a 10 hp increase over the last model. So in other words, this Outlander GT Concept is a fully production-ready SUV. It's just sooner-or-later that they'll announce the exact production model.

Source : [Mitubishi]

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Anonymous said...

Oh no, mitsubishi please just leave the lancer concept on the lancer, This will make lancer drivers feels less unique and take away potential lancer buyers now that the concept is on a different car... lancer just isnt a lancer if other cars look like it.

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