Friday, April 24, 2009

New Reveal : 2009 Buick Business Concept

Buick is the face of the General Motors brand in China. In fact, nearly all cars from Chevrolet, Cadillac, and even Holden are transferred to be made in China for the Chinese market, and branded Buick. So at the Shanghai Auto show, Buick introduced this, the 2009 Business Concept.
Buick's Business Concept is a vision Buick had of a luxury and comfortable hybrid MPV. Buick called it “business class on the road.” Ofcourse, the Business Concept is designed in China, with GM supervision. However, it actually looks quite good for a mini van. The Buick trademark grille, and the belt-line cascading to the taillights, make it some what elegant.
The interior is one of the best about the Business Concept. It's made to be driven by a chauffeur, while the business people at the back are having a pleasant conversation before reaching the meeting place. So the second and third row face each other, while there's space for a small table, and nicely appointed cup holders. The creamy leather seats seem big for business people with wide jackets.
Under the hood, is GM's new hybrid technology, not the Voltec! It's a usual combination between a 2.4L 4-cylinder petrol engine, and an advanced lithium-ion battery-pack electric motor. While it pleases the eco-friendly business men, the 6-speed automatic will shift the Business Concept to 60 mph in 12.4 seconds, and it will top at 118 mph. Not exactly quick, but a mini van like this shouldn't be.
Could we see it someday in production form? Well, the Chinese manufacturer -SAIC- said that this luxury mini van likely sees production if the GM-Buick brand lives on.

Source : [Buick]

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