Sunday, March 15, 2009

Video : Even with the global down-turn, exotic owners are still having lots of fun with them

It's in these days that we see owning a supercar is a shame. Where people are all talking about the global financial crisis, global warming, and high prices of fuel, it seems supercars with ridiculous price-tags, high C02 emissions, and would barely notch double-figure in miles-per-gallon are quite crude. Presumably, rich business-men or lottery-winners would realize that supercars are beginning to lose their crowd and fans, so they wouldn't buy any of them.

Luckily, that's not exactly true. Back in February, a group of rich well-to-do car enthusiasts got together in Miami to appreciate their exotics for what they really are: fire-breathing track stars. Here's a two-minute video stuffed with about 50 exotic cars from Ferrais, Lamborghinis, Corvettes, Ford GTs, and even Saleen S7, which are going very, very fast! This is a pretty enough reason to get you watching this video, to hear all that nosies from big American V8s, to Italian V12s. But more importantly, it makes us happy to see supercars are being used as they are supposed to be, despite the world's economical and environmental situation.

Source: [YouTube]

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