Monday, March 16, 2009

New Hyundai Equus Spotted in Dubai

It was revealed for the Korean market, and started on sale. However, what's the most luxurious Hyundai Equus ever doing in Dubai?
Well, it's either that a Hyundai executive in Dubai received an early example of the Korean firm's all-new flagship limo, or the company plans to include the United Arab Emirates among the countries that will receive the new Equus sedan. However, according to earlier reports, the Equus isn't supposed to be exported outside of Korea.
Nevertheless, we noticed that the car has no badging at all, and that the grille is not yet production-ready since all the head-up sensors aren't covered. So maybe, they were just testing it on hot weather at high-speed in one of the world's safest highways.
Until we get a word from Hyundai, we only have to speculate on why the Equus appeared in the gulf region.

Source : [Gulf4Cars]

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