Wednesday, March 18, 2009

SPY SHOTS : Buick's smallest car yet, the 2011 Excelle

Beneath the heavy camouflage, is Buick's smallest front-wheel-drive sedan yet, to market the Buick brand globally. Reports that it'll be called Excelle, that is based on the Delta II platform with Chevrolet Cruze and Opel Astra.So by 2011, it should be sold in the US, China, and enter European market too, as production may take place in Germany. Buick also enters a very rare segment, which is luxury-oriented compact-city cars, like the Volkswagen Golf and BMW 1-series.Engines are very likely going to be shared with the Chevrolet Cruze. Another rumor is that GM could slot a version of the Chevy Volt’s Voltec powertrain (40-miles on electric, and up to 500 miles with combined hybrid) into this small Buick. If that was true, then this could be a true competitor to Lexus' all-new HS 250h hybrid.

Although this isn't by any means the ultimate Buick, but with the right pricing and marketing, it could bring back customers to actually think about buying a true Buick like the beautiful LaCrosse.

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