Friday, March 13, 2009

Report : Next-generation Audi A8 on sale next year

Lately, luxury cars are missing-out of focus. They are supposed to be about absolute luxury, not eco-friendly technology. That's what happened to the Mercedes S-Class, with the S400 Hybrid, and even Lexus with the LS460 Hybrid. Well, that's not certainly true with the next generation Audi A8.

According to a German publication Automobilwoche, the new A8, which will be release fall of 2009 and roll the streets on head of 2010, will have Audi's second-generation of their Aluminum Space Frame. At start, the new A8 will only include a petrol and diesel 4.2L V8, with a supercharged V6 and a naturally-aspirated W12.

So unlike Merc's S400 Hybrid and Lexus’s LS Hybrid, Audi has no plans to offer a hybrid version of the A8, which is just focusing on being a luxury sedan.
Source : [Automobilwoche]

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