Friday, March 13, 2009

Report : Aston Martin's Lagonda to debut another concept "completely opposite of what you saw in Geneva", in May

We all know that Aston Martin is working hard to bring back the luxury Lagonda badge. However, it was surprising to see the first Lagonda Concept in Geneva, as a coupish SUV. It looked like that Aston wanted to market Lagonda as main-stream cars for people with a bit of cash, which isn't like Lagondas of the old. Luckly, we were wrong.

Head of the Lagonda project, David Richards, announced that Aston Martin will be back this May with a second Lagonda concept that “will be completely opposite of what you saw in Geneva.”

With rumors going around that Aston teamed-up with Mercedes, we could see a proper luxury Lagonda sedan, that could compete with Mercedes' Maybach.

Source: [Leblog Auto]

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