Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Porsche celebrates 40 Years of the 917

The legendary 917 is Porsche's iconic racing car. It was first unveiled 40 years ago on March 13 at the Geneva Motor Show. By April of 1969 25 units were completed. Just soon after, the 917 became a legend as one of the fastest and most successful racing cars of all time.
First models had a 4.5L engine that developed 520 hp. But by 1972, turbochargers have been injected to the 917's engine, to develop up to 1000 hp, and 1200 hp in 1973. Body models were designed differently to meet the demands of different racetracks. So the 917 had many shapes, some with lowered-roof, some with no roof at all.
However, in 1974, disaster! The FIA rules and regulations changed, and put the 917 out of the race. Production since then, ended.
So with 40 years of celebration and giving the fact the Porsche has been involving with new technology like PDK gearbox, which the 917 started all this, Porsche has listed on their website the full history of the 917, and brought some the legendary models to their new museum.

Happy Birthday 917 !

Source: [Porsche]

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