Monday, March 2, 2009

New Reveal At Geneva : 2010 Chevrolet Spark

The new Chevy Spark was revealed at the Detroit Auto Show. However now at Geneva, they've revealed it once again and revealed more secrets about it.

GM decided earlier that the Spark will not come to the U.S market. However, as consumer demand shifts to more compact and fuel-efficient cars, GM announced that it has changed its mind and will bring it to the American market. According to GM, this small-city cuddle will be capable of delivering over 56 mpg.
In terms of looks, this Spark meets all the new Chevrolet styling cues. From the big headlights and Chevy grille, to the blacked-out taillights. Though we did notice that the wheels seem too small for the body, which could result into poor handling. Inside, it's pretty much basic as the previous Spark and any city car. However, GM promises that all the interior material are a quality made and feel.

The five-door Chevrolet Spark will be available with 2 new engines. A 66hp 1.0L and 78hp 1.2L. The "powerful" 1.2L lets the Spark hit 60 mph in a boring and slow 12.4 seconds. Although it's not such a bad number compared to the previous Spark that did it in 18 seconds!
The Chevrolet Spark won't hit the U.S market till 2011, but Europeans will get the spark in early 2010. However, the story doesn't end here. Like all generations of Spark, the new model will be manufactured at GM-Daweoo's factory in Korea. So don't be fooled or get to excited by the Chevy badge, it's actually a Korean city hatchback.
Source : [Chevrolet]

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