Saturday, February 28, 2009

SPY SHOTS : Australian company wants Pontiac G8 to be next police cruiser

This Pontiac G8 GT spotted sitting outside Holden head office looking ready to tackle some criminals in a Japanese tuner. As we all know, American muscles are best at being a police crusier. Simply beacause, they've got big V8s with massive torque, rear-wheel drive, and can hold-up a chase with no problems at all.

For instance, Police agencies across the United States and the world are chock full of Ford Crown Victoria police cruisers. In all, there are nearly half a million of Vitoria polices around the world. And because they've been in the police business for good-times and got old, the Dodge Charger has taken its place now. In the US, Canada, Mexico, some Asian countries, and even the Middle East are full of Dodge Charger police crusiers. Well, the Holden Commodore (Pontiac G8 in the picture) also wants to take part in the police department.

According to CarPoint, this Pontiac G8 police crusier is a prototype designed by National Safety Agency (NSA) for the Los Agneles Police Department (LAPD). NSA says that this G8 meets all the LAPD and the Association of Public Safety Communication Officials regulations. So it has several police-specific technologies on-board, including a integrated computer mounted into the dash.

Source : [CarPoint]

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