Saturday, February 28, 2009

Report : Evolution Performance aiming for first 7-second quarter mile S197 Ford Mustang

10-second quarter mile is fast for nearly anyone, but 7-second quarter mile is mind-blowing, specially if it was in a Ford Mustang. Such a car does not exist but the guys at Pennsylvanian tuner Evolution Performance are hoping to build just that.

The team are using a S197 Ford Mustang (2005-2009) Super Shelby GT500. Evolution Performance's desire to create a 'Stang that's a drag monster. Just in time for the next NMRA drag meet in Bradenton, Florida, early next month. Although Evolution Performance can already claim the title of building the first 2007 Shelby GT500 capable of an 8-second quarter mile but as always the team are trying to push the limits and boundaries of the Mustang platform and make it faster to a 7-second quarter mile.

The key to the fast numbers is a custom twin-turbocharger package for the GT500’s 5.4L V8 powerplant. Evolution Performance’s new car will feature an all aluminum motor with CNC machined heads, custom turbocharger cams, two precision double ball bearing turbochargers and a host of other custom pieces. No dyno testing has been conducted yet, but estimates that this drag monster 'Stang will have around 1000hp of power. That's the same as a Bugatti Veyron!

What's the most interesting of all, that just like the Veyron, the Evolution Performance’s Mustang is fully road-legal. The only changes needed for the streets are set of 20in wheels and road-legal tires.

The picture above is just a teaser before it officially reveals in Bradenton next month. The vehicle is finished in a ‘Grabber Blue’ paint and features a "Tomato Racing Red" three lane stripe running on its length. So what Evolution Performance have built is a one last spin-off of the S197 Mustang before the new S198 (2010) Mustang comes.

Source : [Evolution Performance]

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