Monday, February 16, 2009

New Reveal : 2010 Fiat 500C

Official images of the Fiat 500C have been released ahead of Geneva Motor Show. For starters, this 500C retains a sliding canvas roof like the original 500.So unlike its main rival -the MINI Cooper Convertible- which uses a traditional full-cloth rooftop, the 500C keeps its roofline and the C-pillar in place like the 500 hardtop. With that, the Fiat 500C also keeps its full structural rigidity as the hardtop model. However now, the 500C benefits from a open-air motoring, and the beautiful and now glowy interior that it actually more roomier than its Mini rival.The power-operated cloth-top will reported come in three colors – ivory, red and black – and a new spoiler, incorporated into the retractable roof, keeps the third brake light visible whether to the top is up or down. Both the 69hp 1.2L and 100hp 1.4L engines will carry over. New addition to the range is the 75hp 1.3L Multijet with Start-Stop technology. Yes, all of these engines are pretty weak, but with open-air motoring who cares about power!

Expect sales to begin later this year in Europe, with U.S. sales likely to start in 2010.

Source: [Fiat]

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