Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano to gain new HGTE package

Whenever Ferrari GT cars start to feel their age, Ferrari refreshes that with a "handling pack". Atleast that's what they did to the old 575M when it got a GTC handling pack and the the 612 Scaglietti got the HGT-S package. Here's the new pack for the 599 GTB.

At the Geneva Motor Show next month, Ferrari will release a HGTE package – the H standing for "handling", GT for "gran turismo" and E for "evoluzione". So the HGTE pack will give a lot for the 599 to make it feel "refreshed" from its debut in 2007.

The new pack gives 20-inch modular wheels wrapped in fresh rubber, a retuned exhaust, new front grille, upgraded spring rates, revised anti-roll bars, and some more carbon fiber bits in the cabin.

So with this pack, it could be a proper hard-core Ferrari. Not just some GT car with soft suspension, the 599 GTB with the HGTE package will be a true supercar built for the track, and livable on the road. Ofcourse, all comes at a price. Sources suggest that this pack will cost $25,000 over the $300,000 sticker price. But at this rate, the people who will buy the car, don't even care how expensive it costs.

great job, Maranello !

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