Monday, January 5, 2009

Video : Students build their own parallel parking system

Nowadays, most automakers are working on automated parallel-parking systems, such as Ford, Lexus, and even Volkswagen. The thing is that all of the systems are operated by lots of complicated computers, that could go wrong someday. However, mechanical engineer students from the University of Toledo designed and built their own parallel parking system that is purely "mechanical". We think this system is better than any of the others and it can be fitted to any car.

The project was done to a donated Toyota Corolla. So basically, they used some hydraulics, a motor, plus extra guide wheels and turns them into a brutally simple-yet-effective parallel parking device. Though it might seem ridiculous at first, it's absolutely ingenious. Because it doesn't use any computers, so the chances of going wrong are null.

Yet still, the system has some problems. Trunk space is given up, and as it sounds from the video, the exhaust no longer benefits from a muffler. But still, Parallel parking takes just 21 seconds with little (if any) help from the driver, and without any fancy computers and sensors. So we hope that automakers really consider this brilliant option, because it technically works!

Watch the video below to see the system in-action.

Source: [YouTube]

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