Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Reveal At Sema : 808hp Novitec-Rosso Ferrari 599

If you thought SEMA was only for customized muscle and tuner cars, you'd be wrong. Because SEMA is also for European supercars. Here's an example, its Novitec-Rosso's Ferrari 599. They've squeezed two supercharges into the standard 6.0L V12 which developed 620hp. Now though with the supercharges, you'll looking at a 808hp hypercar.The astonishing power tackles 3.5 seconds 0-60MPH time. And 211MPH top speed. However, 188hp more than the stock 599 doesn't seem to up the speed very much. On the other hand, if raw power and top end speed is your thing, Novitec's engine modification will cut your wollet nearly 47,000 euros.To stop these herd of stallions, the new Novitec gets a brake upgrade kit. Along with the breaks, Novitec also offers a "blingy" three-piece 21-inch rims and an optimized aero kit along with various interior trim options.

(If you're reading this Nezar, this is much better than that F430 Tunero!)

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