Sunday, October 26, 2008

Reports From GM : Delaying debut of LaCrosse and CTS Coupe , Corvette-Chief retiring

We're getting a lot of reports from GM . Sadly , it's mostly about cutting costs . So to start with , GM will be delaying production models of both the Cadillac CTS coupe and Buick LaCrosse that we saw as concepts before . The original plan was to reveal the production versions at LA's Auto Show next month . But now , Buick has announced that the LaCrosse will roll in January at Detroit's Auto Show . We still haven't got information about when to see the CTS coupe , but we're expecting sometime near the LaCrosse . So if you saved this year's cash for your new fancy CTS coupe or LaCrosse , then you have to wait a bit more .

The other report is about a legend , Tom Wallace . You may never hared of him , but actually he's the man behind the Corvette . And now , he's retiring from GM at the end of the month . The news was delivered during an event at the Peterson Museum honoring Corvette history . However , we are motoring journalists , so we had to find an excuse for this man retiring . There wasn't any reason given to the press about the retire , but our speculations that it could be related to the timing of the seventh-generation Corvette . Because Mr.Wallace may be unwilling to commit to the vehicle's extended launch schedule , which is now due until 2014 . Or maybe he just got tiered of working .

Source: [Corvette Action Center]

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