Monday, October 27, 2008

Report : Porsche now owns 42.6% of Volkswagen , will hit 75% in 2009

Snice Porsche started overtaking VW , Porsche increased its VW stake to 35.14% last month . Now though , they took 42.6% of VW's stake . And next year , they're planning to take 75% of the beetle-maker .

"The goal remains, as long as the financial conditions are right, to increase [the stake] to 75 percent in 2009 and clear the way for a controlling stake," Porsche said in a press release.

So does that mean that by 2010 , Porsche will take over VW completely ? Does that mean that Porsche's 911 and Audi's R8 will become brothers ? Lets wait and see for what Porsche is preparing .

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