Thursday, October 23, 2008

Land Speed Record : Bloodhound Supersonic to attempt a new land-speed record of 1050 MPH !

Since the car was invented in the early 1900s , the British always try attempting to break down the land-speed record . Speed is in there soul . It was first done by Sir Malcolm Campbell in 1924 , were he cracked 146MPH in the famous Pendine Sands . In these days , a mid-size sedan could do that . However , in these days we can be proud of Andy Green . His bravery and love of speed , leaded him to tackle 763 MPH in a Thrust SSC in 1997 , which the jet-car was designed by Richard Noble . To refresh his record , he will be attempting a new land-speed record in 2010 , in a new Noble jet-car .
The new jet-car is called Bloodhound SSC . Mr.Noble claims it has the top speed of 1050MPH . Which is 1.4 times the speed of sound . Ofcourse , this speed will be achieved by Mr.Green at the Bonneville Salt Flats in America . However , how will he achieve it ? There is still 3 years until the 42-foot car is ready . And these kind of projects usually have problems with money . So they are looking for $16 million from sponsors to make their new top speed a reality.
If it becomes a reality , the Bloodhound SSC will accelerate from a stand-still using an EJ-200 jet engine, taking it up to 300mph . Then at some point , the rocket will be ignited, so that it and the jet are operating simultaneously, thereby increasing the acceleration to well over 2g. So when it reaches maximum speed of 1050MPH , the rocket thrust will be stopped , but the jet engine will continue burning for a few seconds. And Andy Green will be the happiest man alive .

It'll take them very hard work , and a lot of money to make it true . But it's worth taking a human-being up to a level where bravery and enthusiasm becomes insanity .

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