Friday, September 19, 2008

Super Lebanon : Arab's first supercar !

An Arabian supercar ? Does that mean it'll have a magic carpet instead of an engine ? No . You see , Arab nowadays are high classy people with big thinking . And David Frem is a great example . He's a 25 year old Lebanese design student , and he had a graduation project to do . Well , after 3 years of work , the project is "nearly" done .

It's the FREM F1 . And yes , there's still many stuff needs work on (it's still a project car) . But don't forget , he's a design student . And on terms of looks , it's fantastic . I know it's not beautiful , but all of these vents and holes make it look mad and brash . And that's how a supercar should be . Good job FREM

We come now to the mechanics . Because Mr.Frem isn't a mechanic student , don't expect much . Despite it has a complete new cache , it has to run around in a 2.0L 4 bangger from Audi . FREM claims the engine puts out 200 HP and 190 lb-ft of torque . Top speed is 125 MPH . Mid-size sedan performance which isn't good . But not to worry , Mr.Frem isn't actually going to build the car in factories for himself . So , it is expected one of the big automakers will buy the design and rights of the car .

Expect the FREM F1 to appear in the Detroit Auto Show next January . So if anyone will be at the show and wants to see a car with real supercar looks but sogging performance , check it out .


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