Friday, September 19, 2008

Report : Tata won't build Jaguar or Land Rover vehicles in India

As many knows , Indian automaker Tata bought Jaguar & Land Rover from Ford months ago . That event was a worry for most people . Because people had doubts that these British Automakers will lose their British character . Well after lots of rumors that Tata will build Jags and LRs in India , turns out to be all wrong . Tata's CEO Mr.Ratan Tata assured to the British people that there beloved Jags and LRs will be made in their original homeland . From Mr.Tata : "There is no insistence from us to bring these brands to India. The launch of these brands in India will take their own natural course and will be a commercial decision" . So even though an Indian overtook 2 British companies , but they'll stay 100 % pure British-built .

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