Thursday, September 25, 2008

Porsche Into Electric Too ! : RUF Tuning Company Building All-Electric Porsche Cayman

Lotus these days is the king of electric cars . Look at Tesla Roadster and the Dodge EV , which are based on Lotus cars . But German RUF has come to battle with British Lotus .

RUF is making an all-electric car based on the Porsche Cayman . So they replacing the 3.4L flat-6 with batteries . And batteries are like diesel engines , little horsepower but alot of torque . And it's seen here too . Only 204 hp , but 480 lb-ft of torque (650NM) . And that makes it hit 60MPH in blurring 4 seconds . So now this performance tuned Cayman will hit alot of supercars in the chest . Unfortunately , the top speed is only 123 MPH . But it still means that it's competing with the Tesla hard . And like the Tesla , it has a range of nearly 200 miles without using a spill of gas . So now you can splash in a Porsche without hurting the planet with tons of fuel .

Source : [MotorAuthority]

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