Thursday, September 18, 2008

LEAKED : Ferrari F060-X150 (FX150) project .

Ops , Fearri must be pissed off by the man who leaked out to the world one of the most important letters of Ferrari . It shows the specification of a new supercar . This is expected to be the successor of the beloved Enzo . The car will follow the FXX group with a code name "F060-X150" (FX150) . As the letter says , an all new twin turbocharged V8 replacing the 6.0L v12 . And this engine would be producing nearly 800 HP (794HP to be exact) , and 722 NM (570lb-ft) of torque . These are such great numbers . But not as great as the acceleration , 0-100 KPH (0-62MPH) is and awsome 2.7 seconds ! But what likely to disappoint Ferrari nuts , is the top speed . Ferrari promised its fans to crack on with the Veyron . But it doesn't seem to be this car . The letter says that the top speed will be "only" 390 KPH (242 MPH) . Not even near the Bugatti's 253 MPH . Sorry Ferrari for the leak , but now everyone know what you're building . (To see the full letter click on the image )

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