Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Reveal : 2011 Ford Super Duty

These are dark days in the pick-up truck segment, as automakers are ditching big engines, wide-track tires, and tough suspension; in-favor for small eco-friendly engines that don't offer enough power, road-comfort tires that lack grip, and messy suspension that can't be shakened to off-road. So trucks these days are more to go to the shops, rather than a clear-off desert or a mountainy forest. However, there's one big exception: Ford. Ford has proved with their new F-150 Raptor SVT, that there's still hope in tough truck market. Well, to complete the circle, Ford has finally dropped official pictures and info on the all-new 2011 Ford Super Duty.

With a name like Super Duty, Ford's designers weren't going to come-up with something soft. Therefore, the style of the Super Duty is very bulky and tough. Just take a look at the face; the grille and headlights are largest units on any truck, ever! At first glance, they do look a bit odd, but it's something you'd get used to by the time. At back, it's gets classic F-150 styling. After all, this is a highly durable truck, so the styling needs to be technical. Inside, it's get more tech, as it features a 4.2 inch infotainment screen located on the center of the gauge cluster. The screen provides specific truck specifications, such as Trailer Brake Control and Tow Haul. Plus, the Super Duty offers feature comforts like a somewhat luxury truck - top noch leather seats, wood-trim on the dashboard and on the door handles, a 110-volt power inverter, and some-nicely large cup-holders with an open glove-box.

2011 Super Duty is arriving in days where a big-block engine, is not environmentally acceptable; but Ford engineers seem not to care. As the new Super Duty will feature a petrol-powered Boss 6.2L V8, which makes around 400 hp. The optional engine is the all-new Scorpion 6.7L turbocharged diesel V8, which power is also around 400 hp, but torque will be cracking at over 600 lb-ft of torque. Despite the big sizes, Ford claim that fuel-economy has improved over the outgoing model. These engines are connected through a 6-speed TorqShift automatic, with manual shift controls. The chassis is available with either rear-wheel-drive, and four-wheel-driver. When opt for the four-wheel-drive, the Super Duty gets an Electronic Locking Differential, and Live Drive PTO (Power Take Off) feature. Live Drive PTO allows the engine to power auxiliary equipment like snow plows, cement mixers and tow truck lifts directly through the transmission. With that considered, the 2011 Ford Super Duty truck, should offer world-class truck driving in all truck aspects.

Source : [Ford]

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