Saturday, August 29, 2009

Papa John finally reunited with his 1971 Camaro Z28 after 25 years, and pays $250,000 to owner!

Here's a long love story. John Schnatter, who's the founder of Papa John's Pizza company, needed some financial aid to start off his pizza business. So, to help his dad, Papa John Schnatter sold off his 1971 Chevrolet Camaro Z28. It was then, that Papa John lost his first love.

25 years later; and now Papa John's Pizza has more than 35 world-wide restaurants, Papa John wanted to reunite with his Camaro. So, he ran a search-campaign, offering $25,000 for anyone who has his Camaro. However, with all the searching, the offer eventually plummeted to $250,000. The whole search was chronicled online at, where thousands offered tips on how to find his car.

Well, after months and months of hopeless searching, Papa John was finally reunited with his original 1971 Camaro Z28, and in its original color. Thanks mainly to our friends at "Obsessed with the cult of cars" - Jalopnik. So how was it done? A man by the name of Jeff Robinson heard about the contest; leading him to the Internet to search for details. He eventually ended up getting in touch with Jalopnik’s associate-editor, Matt Hardigree. Hardigree met Papa John during his search-campaign stop in Houston. Hardigree investigated the details himself, then contacted Papa John’s with the lead.

As a result, Jeff Robinson was paid $250,000 for Papa John's Camaro Z28. Papa John also offered a $25,000 reward to the family who originally bought the car from Papa John in 1983, in appreciation for their help in linking the contest winner with Papa John’s. So here, Papa John got back to his first-love, and hopefully will live happily ever after! What's to learn is that, while something worthy to the heart is sacrificed for the need of an ambition, it will surely pay-off, and pay-off very well.

Source : [Jalopnik]

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