Monday, August 17, 2009

New Reveal : 2011 Infiniti M

Well, Nissan's luxury division - Infiniti, promised us to 'virtually' reveal their all-new M sedan, that will show-up in spring of 2010, as a 2011 model. Well Infiniti have kept the promised, and now, here's the all-new generation of M, in V6 and V8 forms.
Exterior Design:
The third generation of Infiniti's 2011 M sedan comes with a completely new body-shell. The front, is heavily inspired and cued from Infiniti's mega concept - 2009 Infiniti Essence Concept. All the swoopy lines goes all the way out back for more effect, while the sculptured fenders and bumpers gives the 2011 M sedan a very supple but yet sporty look. Though personally, the back-end is the best place to look at the new M.
Interior Design:
Moving to the new M's interior, as with most cars of the kind, Infiniti customers will feel right at home with the styling. The Japanese brand promises that the M will stand out thanks to the use of innovative materials, an advanced climate control system, superior audio and an enhanced quality feel. Compared to a BMW 5-Series and a Mercedes-Benz E-Class, the Infiniti M offers more legroom up-front, and for the back seats as well.
Engines & Performance:
Like always, Infiniti keeps-up with the latest engines on the M. The 2011 M is offered with two all-new Nissan engines. The base engine comes in the form of a 3.7L VVEL V6 from the
2009 Infiniti G37, and out-puts 328 hp with the M37. Infiniti's M also comes with a optional 5.6L V8 from the big Infiniti QX56, which originally is a Dodge 5.7 HEMI, but it packs 400 hp in the M56. Engines are connected to a 7-speed automatic, through the rear-wheels. Infiniti did not yet announce if the 2011 M will have an all-wheel-drive variant.

2011 Infiniti M will make its live debut at this September's 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. Stay Tuned. The embedded video below the "virtual debut" of the M.

Source : [Infiniti]

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