Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Reveal : 2010 Devon GTX

It was just a concept study a couple of months ago, and now it's fully in-production. The small American manufacturer, Devon Motorworks, have come-up with a new American muscle supercar, the GTX. The 2010 Devon GTX was unveiled at the 2009 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Devon promises that the GTX will be the harmony between mid-blowing performance, and absolute civilization.
The man behind this design, is Daniel Paulin, a former Ford designer. The exterior features a blend of muscle and curves that won’t be mistaken this for a German supercar. One more notable design cue is how similar the front end on the GTX is to the Dodge Viper, but with a sleeker look. Inside, Paulin decided to go with a more clean electronic dashboard with retro touches such as the gear-shifter and steering wheel that resembles those in a Ford Mustang. As designs go for a supercar, the 2010 Devon GTX is very modern, but yet strong in its appearance.
As with the concept, the Devon GTX is actually based on the Dodge Viper. However, the California-based automaker decided to give the GTX even more power by a reducing weight with a fully carbon-fiber body. So now, the 8.4L V10 produces 650 hp and around 700 lb-ft of torque; going through the rear-wheels via a 6-speed manual. 60 mph will be achieved in less than 3.6 second, and top speed will exceed 200 mph. That my readers, is among the royal supercars, and a real competitor the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1.
Suspension & Handling:
Just like the Viper, the 2010 Devon GTX will be available in two flavors, a standard version, and a more track-focused racing edition ACR. While both models of the GTX get a real-time damping and ride-height adjustment suspension system, the GTX racing package features 6-piston brake calipers, track tires, and a big rear-spoiler.
Production & Pricing:
Devon Motorworks says it will produces only 36 units of the GTX annually at its facility in southern California. Prices will start at $500,000 with an optional racing package offered for $25,000. The vehicles will be sold and serviced directly through Devon Motorworks.

Oh, last thing, the video below is the Devon GTX lapping Mazda-Racway Laguna Seca, in 1:35.075, making the Devon GTX the fastest production car ever lapped the Laguna Seca.

Source : [Devon Motorworks]

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