Thursday, June 25, 2009

Guidance from Homer Simpson for $12.95, from Tom Tom

Homer Simpson isn't exactly our man if we want to ask for guidance, unless it was Moe's Bar. Nevertheless, Homer's lovable voice is also one of the most recognizable by the public. That's why, Tom Tom announced that Homer's voice can be added as a navigation voice for all Tom Tom navigation devices, for only $12.95.

Homer is just one of over 70 different celebrity voices that are available on the TomTom website. But, we're guessing that there will be plenty of Simpson's fans that'll be more than happy to download Homer to their TomTom navigation. So want to go somewhere? Well, Homer Simpson is here to help!

Before you purchase Homer's voice for your Tom Tom navigation, you can here samples at Tom Tom's website (the source below)

Source : [TomTom]

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