Sunday, June 28, 2009

2009 J.D. Power Quality Test : Lexus leads, while Hyundai beats all German luxuries !

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Each year, the J.D. Power and Associates release their Initial Quality Study (IQS). The annual J.D. Power study measures IQS based on reported Problems Per 100 (PP100) vehicles -- a lower score means a lower rate of problem incidences and higher quality. The IQS also lists a standard industry quality average. So anything above, means the company is building good-quality cars. Less than the average, means just don't buy the car!

For 2009, The J.D. Power listed the industry average at 108 PP100, which is a steady improvement over from 2008, at 118 PP100; and 2007, at 125 PP100. However, more startling news on the quality test results.

Leading the chart, as the best company for quality cars, is Lexus, at only 84 PP100. Porsche comes in second place, at 90 PP100. Surprisingly, Cadillac took over third place (which moved from 10th rank position in 2008 to third in 2009), at a respectable 91 PP100. Most amazing, Hyundai coming immediately fourth place (which was in 13th rank in 2008), at 95 PP100.

So what about the real luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi? Well, Mercedes made it to 6th rank, at 101 PP100. Worryingly, both BMW and Audi fell below the industry average, at 112 PP100 for BMW, and 118 PP100 for Audi. So in-terms of quality material and reliability, Hyundai cars beat all the German luxury brands! Also notable, is how American brands are improving; there are four American brands above the 108 PP100 industry average (Cadillac, Ford, Chevrolet, Mercury).

To check out how J.D. Power lists IQS, click the source below.

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