Monday, May 11, 2009

New Reveal : 2010 Camaro-based Pontiac Trans Am Firebird by ASC

For those who still can't get away with Pontiac's death (including us), ASC Creative Services may have found out the solution. ASC is attempting to create a modern version of the original '70s Pontiac Trans Am Firebird, with a brand new 2010 Chevrolet Camaro. Actually, this type of conversion is very similar to what HXC Performance did when they created a modern-day Plymouth Hemi-Cuda based on a Dodge Challenger.
This Camaro-based Trans Am is simply a kit design conversion that could easily lead to a custom-order production model. So the body shell is the same, but changes include a new front fascia complete with unique head lights, traditional Trans Am twin-kidney grill inserts and restyled apron, a rear-facing hood shaker, new side skirts and alloy wheel designs plus rear-fender air vents. At the back the design proposes a new rear fascia with distinctive larger tail lights, trunk lip-spoiler and a specific apron housing new exhaust pipes.
There's still not much information ASC's actual intentions on the car, but more information can be found on their website (source below). Even though there's not much information, we're pretty excited. In fact, we actually prefer this over the Camaro. Simply because this looks better up-front without the smiling grille, and Trans Ams were cooler than Camaros. Nevertheless, this is personal preference. Like it or not, ASC are presenting a fantastic tribute to the legendary Pontiac brand, and the recreation of the Trans Am that Pontiac fans always dreamed about.

Source : [ASC via DUB]


Anonymous said...

"new side skirts"

How does one order side skirts (Fender slirts)? They are not listed in the Camaro accessories.

Zeyad Bakri said...

Well, the side skirts and the whole body kit conversion are made by ASC.

Anyways, thanks for your comment!

Anonymous said...

how much does this cost??

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