Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Reveal : Geely GE Limousine

It was at this year's Shanghai Auto Show in China, that we discovered of our the Chinese auto industry can't think of any new or creative ideas. Because this, is the Geely GE Limo, a copy-cat to the proper luxury limo, the Rolls-Royce Phantom.Looking at the design of this thing, it seems Geely truly wanted to copy the Phantom in the most cheap way. So overall in the exterior, it seems to look like a Phantom, but like a decade ago. So it really looks like a 10+ year old car, and it doesn't even have suicide rear doors like the Phantom as well.Inside, the interior is best described as "lonely". The GE uses most of its 5.3 meters long on the rear seat, because this is a chauffeur's car, which is a good thing for such car. On the other hand though, it's actually pointless. Where the rear side has enormous leg-room, panoramic moon-roof, a TV, and even a mini bar, there's only one seat at the back. In other words, who's going to "party" alone sitting at the back, with no room for a partner to share maybe a drink or watch something on the tele. So obviously, they haven't thought this out. Which actually sums-up the whole car. Anyone who's going to come out of this thing, will surely end-up as a laughing-stock.

Source : [Geely via]

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