Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Reveal At NY : 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee

It won't be sold until next year, but the Chrysler Group were too excited to show us at New York Auto Show their next generation of SUVs and how it will direct to Chrysler's current worryingly financial situation. It's the 2011 all-new generation Jeep Grand Cherokee. It's got a new wheelbase, new design, new interior, and even new engines.
The all-new 2011 Grand Cherokee is actually based on a Mercedes-Benz ML-Class. So the new Grand Cherokee rides on a 114.8-inch wheelbase which is 5.3 inches longer than the model it replaces and contributes to an overall vehicle length that is 1.8 inches longer than the previous model. Furthermore, the SUV is also 3 inches wider which should it make it more spacious for passengers.
Like the ML-Class, the new Jeep is with an all-new independent front and rear suspension that replaces the current Grand Cherokee's live axle setup at the rear. Apart from the apparent benefits in handling, the new rear suspension allows the spare tire to be stored inside the vehicle as opposed to underneath. The Grand Cherokee will also be available with the new Quadra-Lift air suspension system that features five height settings, for street and urban traveling, and tough high off-roading. So like all Jeeps and Cherokees, the new Grand Cherokee will still live up to the Jeep off-road triumph.
In the looks department, this new Grand Cherokee is going through a new design generation at Jeep. In essence, the Grand Cherokee looks softer and has lost some of the hard edges. It now looks more like a modern crossover and less like a traditional SUV. Nevertheless, it still looks great. The big wide body, the 7-slot grille, the small headlights, and the funky rear end give it a distinctive design.
As for interior, it's now completely changed. Because it's based on a new Mercedes ML, it also gets some German interior quality as well. The Grand Cherokee's interior has now transformed from being a cheap plastic rattle interior, into a real quality pleasant interior for all consumers. It now features real wood on the dashboard, a sporty 3-spoke steering wheel, cylinder gauges, and a design that looks attractive overall. Let's not forget, the saftey features that Jeep has equipped the new Grand Cherokee with, like "Ready Alert Braking" with a ESP program and a half a dozen of airbags.
Drivetrain the new Grand Cherokee is a major case here. The 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee will offer two engine variants. An all-new 3.6L V6 that replaces the 3.5 unit, now packing at 280 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque. So the new V6 is a tough competitor to other V6 engines in the segment. The V6 is connected to an AutoStick 5-speed automatic transmission. There's also the 5.7L HEMI V8 option, which delivers 360 hp and 390 lb-ft of torque. This HEMI is mated to a new "multi-speed" automatic transmission, or simply a CVT transmission. No word yet on a SRT version.
Continuing with drivetrain, Jeep offers three different 4x4 systems for the new Grand Cherokee. The basic Quadra-Trac I delivers full-time four-wheel drive without any switches or levers to pull, while the Quadra-Trac II offers a two-speed transfer case and the ability to route as much as 100 percent of available torque to the axle with the most traction. Finally, the Quadra-Drive II adds a rear Electronic Limited-Slip Differential (ELSD) that instantly detects tire slip and distributes engine torque to tires with traction.
To sum up, Jeep has now moved the Grand Cherokee from a classic SUV that had only a small interest of buyers, to a modern cross-over that nearly all people are interest in these days. The new Grand Cherokee needs to work and attract people's money quickly to keep Chrysler Group up and running.

Source : [Jeep]

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