Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Reveal : 2009 Kia KND-5 Concept

We've just seen Kia's all-new Sorento at Seoul Motor Show. Well, here's another Kia. It's a concept sedan called KDN-5. The KDN-5 is actually a real design study case for such sedan that could hit the South Korean market as early as this fall.
Kia is heading into a new direction in terms of design. This KDN-5 really has that confident look. The shark-opening grille, the angry stretched LED headlights and taillights, and muscular body lines give it somewhat an aggressive look. The concept also features a 4-door coupe-like body style with panoramic glass roof. The designer behind this new look design, is actually who designed the all-new Sorento as well. He is Kia’s Chief Design Officer Peter Schreyer, who was also a former head design for Audi. The interior obviously has a very modern and technological design and features. Main feature with this concept, that the advanced multi-media system connects to the internet, and presents an upcoming weather forecast.In size it is very close to the current Kia Oprius (Amanti). Length is 494 cm, width is 185 cm and height is 147cm. With that size, and heavy weight luxury material, this concept needs a 3.5L Lambda V6 engine with 277 hp to move it.

World-wide production version is expected to roll showrooms beginning of 2010.

Source : [Kia via Kia-Forum]

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