Tuesday, April 7, 2009

LEAKED : Ford applies for patent on turbocharged 6.7L pushrod V8

Ford has been making a howl on their new EcoBoost technology. That their EcoBoost V6 is more comparable to a V8, and the EcoBoost inline-4 performs like a V6. However, this Ford technology is just for the regular consumer, that are now into environmentally-friendly cars. Nevertheless, Ford is wearing two hats. There's that "green" hat, and here's another, more like a gas-guzzler "black-oily" hat.

Caught by Stamoulis & Weinblatt LLC, this picture above shows a patent and a new copyright for a turbocharged V8 from the Blue-Oval. The patent describes a 6.7L pushrod, 4-valve per cylinder V8 unit with inboard exhaust and outboard intakes as well as turbocharging, called "Scorpion". Also, this engine will apply to both petrol and diesel forms. The law firm's blog speculates this Scorpion engine could appear in the Mustang in 2011, along with the official 5.0L Coyte V8, that will also make its appearance in 2011. However, we are adamant that this engine will probably won't be for the beloved 'Stang. In fact, according to Mike Levine from, he confirmed that the new 6.7L Scorpion V8 will be used for the F-150 Super Duty trucks. Because this engine is more about torque and towing. We just have to wait and see.

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