Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Video : Aston Martin Releases new Video of One-77 Supercar, interior spotted !

Aston Martin One-77, it's the flair between the beauty of Aston Martin design, smooth 700hp, and ultra-exclusivity with a ridiculous $1.2 million price tag. When it debuted at Geneva Motor Show earlier this moth, the motoring press were simply mooned by Aston's aspiration.

To excite the already 77 pre-owners of the One-77, Aston Martin has been releasing videos about the One-77, and why it's been made and how it's been made. Most of the videos are just simply Aston's CEO talking about the inspiration behind the One-77. However, this video shows something we really wanted to see and know about in the One-77. The interior.

The interior is quite simply the most important thing about the car. It's basically were the driver is in-control of the mighty machine. Of course, in the One-77 it doesn't disappoint.

The One-77's interior is spoiled with lots white cream leather and black stitching overall. The slightly square-shaped steering wheel is dominated by a black horn with the Aston Martin badge. What's most impressive is the center console. It's this sway of black gloss that extends all the way the windshield with red touch buttons.

Here's the video below.

Source : [Youtube]

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