Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuner transforms VW Golf Mk V into Golf GTI W12 Concept

All Volkswagen Golf owner fancy the Golf GTI W12 Concept that made debut back in 2007. It was just a case study to see if a hatchback could really handle a 650 hp 6.0L W12 engine. Understandably, VW were never going to actually put it into production. Well, Exclusive Tuning Worldwide's is now giving the chance to all 3-door Golf Mk V owners to change the dull looks into a fire-breathing monster look, through this body kit.
The Dutch tuner has created a new bodykit that replicates the looks of the Golf GTI W12 Concept. The kit includes: new front and rear bumpers, side skirts with faux air vents, 60mm wider fenders that house 18-inch or optionally, 19-inch GTI alloy wheels, new front grille, four tailpipes, rear-tined windows (to make people think that you actually got a W12 engine behind), and a supposedly redesigned trunk lid with a fake "W12-650" badge.
You may ask, any mechanical changes? Put simply, not really. They may gave it four tailpipes to try mimic the look and the sound of the W12, but still any engine variant on the 3-door Golf is kept the same. Whether it's the 1.6L or the GTI's 2.0L turbocharged.
So for only a body-kit, this is quite costly. Including the labor and tax, it's approximately US $17,000. That's nearly the cost of another Golf ! So what this ends up is a laughing stock. Trying to look like a supercar and costs a lot doing that, but then at a traffic light beaten by a teenager in an 80's Japanese coupe. So please, Mk V Golf owners, keep your Golf as it looks, for the benefit of everyone.

Anyways, if anyone is interested, contact the company by clicking on the source (ETW) below.

Source : [ETW via Motorpasion]

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