Friday, February 20, 2009

Teaser Shot : 2010 Koenigsegg Quant Concept

Since the Geneva Motor Show is only a couple weeks away, automakers are boring us with teaser shots of their new cars. Most of them are pretty boring enough, but Koenigsegg's teaser did interest us a lot. It's called the Quant, it's a concept that will probably hit limited-production line soon. We haven't got any information about it, only that it will feature a new infotainment system inside and should have around 800hp. So with ain't no information, we have to start speculating. What could this car be?
Well from the only picture we got, this Quant certainly is a next generation off the CC & CCX. Koenigsegg called the Quant "new creation for the future". So it should be something extremely powerful and fast. However looking inside, Koenigsegg's new infotainment system make the Quant way softer than the CC & CCX. The new infotainment system features satellite navigation, climate control and stereo system. It also has a new UI computer, which also allows drivers to monitor performance metrics with a G-force sensor, lap timer and torque meter, along with manipulating the chassis, and even traction control. We also noticed that it gets along in a automatic gearbox with paddle shifts. Yes, even Koenigsegg has went soft, because all of these goodies weren't featured on the CC & CCX, which were quite raw, vicious, and even exciting. So the Quant won't centennially be a successor to the CC & CCX.

What is this car then? Well, Last year Koenigsegg confirmed plans for a 4-door sedan, which would be available in 2011. So could it possibly be that 4-door Koenigsegg? We have a feeling that it isn't, but something sportier packing at least 800hp. Even if it is not the 4-door sedan, it could be GT-style 2+2. One thing is sure, Koenigsegg will likely steal the show in Geneva.

Source : [Koenigsegg]

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