Monday, February 23, 2009

Official : 2009 Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA Concept

When we saw the teasers of the Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA, we started speculating about the car and hearing rumors. Well, Alfa Romeo dropped today 3 pictures of their MiTo GTA Concept and full details about it.
This is the first GTA (Gran Turismo Alleggerito) model since the Alfa 147 GTA but Alfa has given it all the right features to make it a proper Itailian hot hatch-back. In terms of look, the overall look of this MiTo GTA Concept is more aggressive thanks to revised front fascia, rear diffuser, bigger and wider wheel arches, and huge center exhaust pipes.
Compared to the standard MiTo, Alfa engineers have upgraded the GTA Concept's engine to a turbocharged 1.8L (1.75L to be exact) 4-cylinder that develops 240hp. The MiTo GTA Concept also gets a new suspension system that lowers the car by 20 mm, and which translates into better handling. Also, the MiTo GTA Concept is considerably lighter than the standard MiTo thanks to carbon fiber body panels and extensive use of aluminum. All of that, makes the MiTo GTA faster on straights, barking, and even cornering.

MiTo GTA should be an excellent rival to Mini’s John Cooper S Works and Ford Focus RS. However, the MiTo GTA will debut next month at the Geneva Motor Show as a concept. Though, we will surely see the MiTo GTA as a production model for Alfa Romeo later this year.

Source : [Alfa Romeo]

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