Saturday, January 17, 2009

Videos : Late-night driving in a Lamborghini Reventon in Saudi Arabia

Although only 20 units were built of the million dollar Lamborghini Reventon, a Saudi got the keys of one of these limited production units. So at night, he started street-racing to know what the car is capable of.

Firstly, he had a drag race with a Mercedes CLS. Of course that sounds very weird, but it's worth watching for a couple of reasons. Because it shows the difference between a high-performance sedan and a thoroughbred supercar. And to hear the noise of that astonishing V12 singing. Watch the video below.

Then, the Saudi man went for a top speed run. Yes, he was going 213 mph (342 km/h) on a public road. The video below has the proof.

We hope you enjoy both videos, and appreciate the bravery going over 200 mph on a public road.

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