Sunday, January 4, 2009

Top Speed Record: 2008 FR500C Ford Mustang running on E85 hits 252.78 mph

Although the new 2010 Ford Mustang isn't out in the streets until March, the only Mustang that's available right now is the Cobra Jet FR500 (which is a drag racer of the GT500). So to celebrate the success of this 2005-2008 Mustang generation, Ford took out a FR500C (which is a street-illegal version of the FR500), to the Bonneville Slat-Flats, with Brent Hajek driving, to set a record of the fastest car running on ethanol 85.

Brent Hajek is a racecar museum owner and a corn farmer and knows all there is to know about ethanol-based fuel. He is also behind making this FR500C Mustang. So when Ford and Hajek went to Bonneville, the FR500C achieved a top speed of 252.78 mph, this beats the previous record of 246 mph, Hajek and his team will have to duplicate the run to get it on the World Genius Book Of Records.

When Hajek first pitched the idea to Ford to get a Mustang back on Bonneville, he didn’t get much attention from FoMoCo. However, once Hajek included E85 as a part of his plan, Ford went in.

Watch the video bellow to see the run.

Source: [NewsOk ]

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