Friday, January 9, 2009

SPY SHOTS : First shots of uncovered BMW M7

after many years of speculation and rumors of a BMW M7, this year is no difference. These spy shots show what is believed the sportiest version of the BMW 7-series. Could these spy pictures be representing that top of the range BMW called the M7?Well, the photographer had been at his local supermarket about 100km west of Munich when he spotted a different-looking black BMW parked outside. Thinking it was a 2011 5 Series he went for a closer look. Then realising the vehicle was a 7 -series, he noticed other features that set it aside from the normal 7. For instance, the car had big black wheels with low profile tires and a dual exhaust system with trapezoidal tips, which is different from other models in the 7 Series lineup. Which only M cars are fitted with double tailpipes at BMW.
What if it was just a special owner-tuned version? That would have made sense if the badges weren't covered. So surely, this is a secret car that BMW wants to protect the car's true identity.

This M7 is expected to go against the Mercedes S65 AMG and the Bentley Continental Flying Spur Speed with a twin-turbo V12 with around 600hp. The M7 may debut at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show in March.

Source: [World Car Fans]

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