Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Reveal At Detroit: 2009 Subaru Legacy Concept

Subaru have finally decided to move on to the next generation of its mid-size sedan, the Legacy. Although this is a concept at the moment, expect the production model to be nearly the same. So we can sit here and talk about how it looks.
In general, Subaru have went from the conservative shape for the Legacy, to a funky and urban-like shape. The combined 2 piece headlights and the sharp front fender look uncommon for a Subaru. From the side, we noticed the wide wheel arches, egg-shape roof, and the low door ceiling, that give bigger windows. So we suppose that it feels airy inside. From the far back, the back window is taking the most space, whereas the the trunk lid is short, so it looks almost like a hatchback.
According to Subaru, this paint color is called "Ultimate Silver" and the overall design theme is "High Definition," for what that's worth. Power comes from the automaker's new 3.6L six-cylinder boxer mated, of course, to an AWD system.
Inside, this concept features technology that could transfer to the production model. So technology like a touchscreen that controls the car's navigation and multimedia systems, and back-seat entertainment player could go through the production plan.

This is obviously a show car, but can these fascinating upsides go into production? Let's wait and find out when Subaru reveals the production model soon.

Source: [Subaru]

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