Tuesday, December 9, 2008

LEAKED : 2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class; unveiled via web leak

A while back, a German car magazine - Autozeitung - leaked out a couple of pictures of the next generation Mercedes E-Class, and we want to know whether the pictures are true or not. Well here comes the answer!
Three images were leaked onto the web that reportedly reveal the final production form of the 2010 E-Class, which makes its official debut in January at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show. At a first glance, this next generation E-Class looks like any other E-Class. However, on the details, it gets pretty good. The new front headlights are inspired by the ConceptFASCINATION, which debut at the 2008 Paris Auto Show, and some fascinating front-bumper with LED fog-lights. On the side, it gets a sharp-edge roof, a S-class look-alike wheel-arch extensions, and rising character line below the door handles to give it a sportier look. At the back, the new E-Class gets some beautiful LED large rectangle tail-lights, along with rectangular exhausts built with a rear diffuser. But the trunk looks a bit dready. So in result, we think this the first E-Class that the styling isn't 500 years old! Which is a big step that Merc did for the E-Class.
The new E-Class gets even more tech than the current one. Driver assistance in general is a major theme for new E-Class. So technologies like lane-departure warnings, eye-movement monitor, traffic-sign identification, road-condition sensors, and stability control that accounts for crosswinds, camber changes, and tire wear are all surely coming for the new E-Class.
No word yet on engines. But as usual, there'll be a decent amount of engine choices. Including a 3.5L V6 and a 5.5L V8, or a 550+hp 6.3L for the E63 AMG V8. A hybrid model may be in the works, too.

We'll get the official pictures and information on the Detroit Auto Show. So stay tuned.

Source : [German Car Zone]

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