Wednesday, November 26, 2008

RumorMill : Pontiac G8 GXP rumored to lap Nurburgring in 8:30

The Nurburgring has become General Motors’ benchmark for its performance cars. When the Cadillac CTS-V when there, it was the fastest sedan on that track, and the Corvette ZR-1 was the second fastest production car to go there, too. And now the Pontiac G8 GXP, which is the sportiest edtion of the G8, also went there.

According to Jalopnik's reporter, Der Auto Inshiderfahvenberger, the GXP ran around the 'Ring in 8:30 -- a mere two seconds off the E39 M5's time. That's amazing for a 6.2L V8 big muscle sedan. What's more amazing, that the GXP costs half as much as the M5.

Source: [Jalopnik]

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