Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Report : United Arab Emirates no.1 country for Ferrari sales

The whole world is having a financial crisis. Not for UAE. In Emirates, many still enjoy Ferraris and Lambos. Living in the gulf gives you the impression that the world is totally fine.

To prove my point, Al-Tayer Motors, which is the main dealer for Ferrari in Emirates, announced that Emirates is the top country for Ferrari sales in the world. Not even Italy has as many Ferraris as Emirates does. So Ferrari realized that Emirates is very important to it, and they're bringing out the new Ferrari California to Emirates. Ferrari is expecting the California to be the most successful model in Emirates. It's down to two reasons, first it's the ability for four seating, and the look-at-me reactable hard-top roof. Rich Arabs like to feel fancy and "shiny". So if you're one of these rich businessmen Arabs who loves collecting Ferraris, you now can have the whole collection. Although he's probably not reading this.

Source: [Al-Bayan Newspaper - Arabic website]

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Anonymous said...

This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. UAE bought about 150 ferrari's in 2008. Sounds good. The US, though, took in almost 1700. China got 200. Japan got 433... who knows what other data is out there. In any event, in no way is the title claim of this story supported. References:

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