Friday, October 31, 2008

SPYSHOTS : 2010 Porsche Panamera's interior uncovered !

Most of us aren't excited about Porche's Panamera exterior looks. A 5-door hatchback on a Porsche surely doesn't work. However , the interior is a completely different story. We have brought you spy shots its new interior. As you can see , it looks very similar to the 911. However, the center-console has enormous air vents and a nice screen. You'll also notice how the buttons are arranged for the driver to use them easily. And the PDK gear-shifter has been raised up to make the driver feel more in-control using the shifter. So if you still don’t like the outside, then look at the interior and your opinion about the Panamera should definitely change. Finally, you've brought up a picture of the key. The key is shaped on the car's exterior. I think it looks like a child's fake car toy (weird) !


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