Monday, October 13, 2008

SPY SHOT : 2009 BMW Z4 with folding hardtop !

We first saw the next generation Z4 near the Nurburgring . But that was fully covered with camouflage . This new picture you see here , the car is nearly uncovered . But that didn't interest us most of all . The new shape has been designed to have a folding metal roof like the Mercedes SLK . So does this mean that the "hard-top" Z4 is dead ? The LA Auto Show next month will tell us the answer .

So what should you expect in this new model ? Well , the range will surely give a good choice of engines , and the 3.0L twin turbocharged from the 135i & 335i is one of them . And the "M" version is expected to have an updated version of this engine with around 360 hp . This is to assure M3 owners that they'll not be beaten by the Z4 . So LA Auto Show , we are waiting for you !

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