Tuesday, October 28, 2008

LEAKED : Aston Martin One-77 Supercar photos !

Although Aston Martin has done some hard-work to keep the One-77 under cover at Paris's Auto Show 3 weeks ago , now "" has leaked out 4 photos of Aston's new beast .
What do we think ? Well , in terms of looks we got to say , this is the most beautiful Aston in decades . Look at it side-views , and you'll notice the gigantic air-vents bolted to the doors . Even at the front , the hood is full of holes and vents , and the aggressive-looking black head-lights got vents . It's all to "cool-down" the engine , and what an engine ! 7.3L V12 that releases 700 dramatic horsepower . Which will able it to hit 60MPH in 3.5 seconds , and reach over 200 MPH . At the back , the rear-window sways into the rear hatch . Tail-lights is just one piece of black-painted glass , which looks gorgeous. The weird thing is , we couldn't find the exhuast pipe .However , all this Aston "amazingness" comes at a dizzying price . Aston Martin will set production of 77 units -hence the name- , each priced at around £1,050,000 (about $1.65 million or €1.3 million) excluding VAT and all the other taxes that go into the purchase , Ouch . What hurts even more , that all the units have been pre-ordered.

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