Friday, October 17, 2008

Great Price ! : Cadillac prices the CTS-V from 59,995 $

The Cadillac CTS-V has already proven to the world that it's the king of high-performance sedans . Cadillac did it by going around the 'Ring in less than 8 minutes . And as you know , that's the fastest sedan to go round the legendary race track . And while they were doing it , they discovered that it could go from a stand-still to 60MPH in 3.9 second ! No sedan in the world could even dream about it .

So all they have to do , is hit people with a bargain price . This big , supercharged , 556 hp monster sedan will start sale next November for 59,995 $ . Now , you may call it expensive . But it is not . This is what I call "a bargain of life" ! Because if you think about it , a BMW M5 which is way more less powerful and slower than the big Caddy , and costs 85,000 $ . Even if you turn up to Cadillac's high-performance line-up , this CTS-V is the cheapest and the fastest ! The less powerful XLR-V costs 40,000$ more than the CTS-V . And now the irrelevant STS-V with 86 hp less than the CTS-V is 80,000$ . So GM has made the perfect combination of "cheap , beast" .


Cadillac's All-New 2009 CTS-V Ready For LaunchThe 2009 CTS-V,

Cadillac's 556-hp expression of ultimate performance and luxury, begins production this month with initial sales beginning around November 1. The latest in the brand's V-Series of high performance models, the new CTS-V is intended to reach the top of the world's most desirable luxury cars, at a starting price of $59,995 in the US market."The launch of the new CTS-V presents a compelling proposition for luxury and performance enthusiasts," says Mark McNabb, North America vice president, Cadillac/Premium Channel. "The CTS-V is a strong statement about Cadillac design and technology and a new member in the club of the highest performing luxury cars."The CTS-V, based on Cadillac's critically acclaimed CTS sports sedan, expresses the full extent of the brand's dramatic design and technology. Designed to enter the stratosphere of the world's fastest and most exclusive luxury sedans, CTS-V includes advanced performance technology such as a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine and Magnetic Ride Control, the world's fastest reacting suspension.The new CTS-V comes standard with a nearly complete collection of features, including a hand-crafted cabin, a 6-speed manual transmission and a Bose surround sound system with a 40-gigabyte hard drive with a USB port. In addition there are a few options available, including a new 6-speed automatic transmission with steering wheel mounted shift buttons, 14-way adjustable Recaro performance seats, microfiber interior accents and a large "Ultra-View" sunroof. "Along with the new Escalade Hybrid, the CTS-V is a key aspect in Cadillac's ongoing renaissance, with dramatic designs and very sophisticated technologies for luxury consumers," McNabb said. "These two new high-tech Cadillac models pave the way for a series of new Cadillac models coming in 2009, including the upcoming CTS Sport Wagon and SRX Crossover."

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