Monday, October 6, 2008

Ford's New Safety Features : Ford's latest safety brakethrough

Ford revealed a couple of new safety gizmo for a safer feature . Both technologies will be standard on Ford cars in spring 2009 . Now one of them is quiet useful , the other is just nannying teens .

Lets start with Ford's MyKey . What it does , is give you a master key that lets you setup the speed limit of the car , stereo volume and even how much traction control . So when you give your teenager a normal key , the car has to obey the rules set by the master key of the car's owner . So , if you're a teen who loves speeding , and your parents are planning to buy a car for 2009 , let them have anything except a Ford . But if you're a parent and planning to get your teenager a car , surprise him with a Ford . But infact , Ford did some polling and found that 67% of teens didn't like the idea, though that number fell to 36% if the MyKey system led to parents letting the kids use the car more. Although it's a system designed for worried parents , but it does make sense letting your child use less fuel .

Moving on , making the car nanny the driver . Now this is a sires of computer senors that should keep the driver safe . first , is a adaptive cruise control . It's like any cruise control found in a big Mercedes or BMW . It sets your speed according to the car in-front of you . second , is a revese back-up camera . third , is a blind spot sensor . Also found in new Volvos . It'll notice anything you cant see in the mirrors . fourth , lane keep assist . You'll find this in European Hondas . It keeps you in lane while driving in a highway . Lastly , collision brake assist . This helps decelerate the car to a stop under a certain collision condition . To understand more see the pictures below .

Now these kind of safety kit , doesn't change your driving style . It just keeps you alive in a dangerous situation .


Source : [Ford]

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