Friday, October 10, 2008

Drawing Of The Week : Ford GT # 2

As you saw last week , we featured a drawing a Ford GT from the back side . Because it was such a hit and people liked it , our Drawing - Chief : Mohammad Al-Khatib decided to make us a favor and do us another Ford GT !

But this time he drew it from the front . And as you know from the real GT , the front has alot more details than the back . So he had to draw these small details . And in result it took him more time . The outline sketch took him about 3 hours . But the coloring took him a dizzying 10 hours . So 13 hours in total , is really tiring . In the end , as you can see it looks like the real thing , although he added his own rims (I like them) . This thing is absolutely beautiful . Thanks for the hard work Mohammad .

And tune in next week for another drawing .

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